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HTML Code For Actor Questionnaire

This script is called actor-questionnaire.html

Scripts for Actor Questionnaire

The form action in HTML Code For Actor Questionnaire is the script on the page PHP Code For Actor Questionnaire: actor-questionnaire.php. That script processes the data which the user enters in the form on the form page. The HTML script below will filter the data that gets entered using JavaScript, but then send it to the PHP script for processing.

First we do JavaScript validation. To do that, we define regular expression patterns like the following: /^[A-Za-z0-9\.\/\-\s\047\"]{2,15}$/;. This will be used with the JavaScript search() method to allow the legitimate characters found in the user's inputted height and ensure there are no nasties in input. (The \047 is ', but we could have used ' as well. In PHP one ends up with single quotes around regular expressions so often that one gets used to \047 to avoid syntax clashes with the ' characters surrounding the regular expressions. The \047 code works fine in JavaScript validation as well as PHP validation.) Anyway, if there are unacceptable characters input, the user gets a message and the submitted script does not submit. Instead the focus() method is used to put the user in the input box where the problem developed.

Next, another validation script filters the visitor's name and informs the user about nasties or questionables. Another filters the visitor's age and the amount of pounds he can comfortably lift and informs the user about nasties or questionables. Another filters the visitor's fitness level, whether they have worked in front of a green (or blue) screen, whether they have a mustache, what days they are free to act, whether they are free to work a second afternoon, what race they are, whether they want to be the hero or villain, and whether they are skilled at applying their own makeup, and then informs the user about nasties or questionables in input. Another filters the visitor's shoe size, dress size, and height and informs the user about nasties or questionables.

Incidentally, in the actor-questionnaire.html script, we use a lot of HTML filtering for data size and JavaScript filtering for size and characters in the input before the data ever encounters the actor-questionnaire.php script page. This is wise, because it can remind users of allowed characters when they put in illegal ones. Then the script can stick them right back into the input box where they are allowed to try again, using the focus() method. Users like this type of feedback, since if all filtering is done in PHP, bad data results in a restart—which users all HATE.

The data that has been entered is POSTed to the PHP script from the form. Since single quotes and double quotes in the visitor's height input get replaced with ` and ``, respectively in the PHP script (since ` is safer than ' and `` is safer than ", and both ' and " are used in various hacker exploits), we allow both ' and " in the JavaScript scripts.

Let us look at the email validator. We use the standard stuff here except it allows the more elaborate emails that include country codes and stuff. We're allowing alphanumerics plus hyphens and underscores in most of this validator, although, technically, the email standards allow lots of other characters too. Most validators are too paranoid to allow much more than we do—most do not even allow country codes.

Next we get to the HTML form. You'll want to edit the introductory line where we say "Thank you for your interest in our movie/ad/video/project."

The onsubmit() event includes a return statement before the validate() function, which has the effect of submitting the form only if all the JavaScript validation scripts return true. If any return false, the submission that is run by the submit button ends up failing. The scripts only return false if the search() method detects that some user input has illegitimate characters in it.

The action attribute of the form tag points to the actor-questionnaire.php script. We use the maxLength attribute of the input tags to limit the data length, and the size attribute to define the actual size in characters of the input box itself. HTML forms normally look the best when you put the input boxes in HTML tables. Forms are usually used to pass data to a server, but they can be used fully client side as well, like when link buttons are used in navigation. Although it’s not the original intent of forms, it isn’t unusual to use select lists as navigation menus. In our script, we use the form as a data gathering and submission tool, and the JavaScript validators to detect disallowed input, and the PHP form processor as a data filter that keeps user input safe to send via email, regardless of the shenanigans attempted.

Everyday, somewhere between a gazillion and a humongousgazillion videos are watched on such sites as YouTube, which has somewhere between a gazillion and a humongousgazillion videos on its site. Someone had to make every one of them. None just appeared by magic. And all kinds of people are making indy films, reality shows, and the stuff that fills up those more obscure cable channels that few watch and fewer still care about (although most of us love the main cable and broadcast channels that give us lots of cool stuff). This means that an awful lot of people are using their local weekly newspapers, CraigsList, blogs, social networking, and so on to find people to come and be part of their gig, show, play, film, movie, video, and so on. When a person sees the ad for the gig, s/he has to respond somehow, and an HTML form is about as efficient as you can get.

When someone says they are 4 feet tall and you are doing a comedy about Munchkin-like Robin Hood characters sneaking into the warehouses of greedy corporations to steal stuff they later give to the needy, they become very interesting to you, if you are in charge of casting. (Yes, you may feel free to use this idea any way you want.) However, if you're doing a parody of the Boston GlobeTrotters, this person ("little people") will not get a second glace.

When people cast, there is no such thing as bigoted, racist, sexist, etc. You may describe needed characters of any type you want and of any look, race, sex, height, etc. you want. No one will bat an eye. You need to draw the line at "looking for ladies who will sleep with me," however, since most people know the difference between pandering and casting, so you may find yourself in the hoosegow if you persist with such ads!

Anyway, good luck with using this script, along with its actor-questionnaire.php counterpart, to find suitable actors. You may want to edit some of the questions in this actor-questionnaire.html script and therefore some of the filters in the actor-questionnaire.php script so they better suit your purposes.

This script is called actor-questionnaire.html



function validate(){

var ck_name = /^[A-Za-z-\s]{6,50}$/;
if (document.formpw.name.value.search(ck_name)==-1)
{alert("Please only enter 6 to 50 letters, spaces, and hyphens for name.");document.formpw.name.focus();return false}

var ck_email = /^[A-Za-z0-9-_]+(\.[A-Za-z0-9-_]+)*@([A-Za-z0-9-_]+\.)?([A-Za-z0-9-_]+(\.[A-Za-z]{2,6})(\.[A-Za-z]{2})?)$/;
if (document.formpw.email.value.search(ck_email)==-1)
{alert("That email address is not valid.");document.formpw.email.focus();return false}

var ck_height = /^[A-Za-z0-9\.\/\-\s\047\"]{2,15}$/;
if (document.formpw.height.value.search(ck_height)==-1)
{alert("Please only enter 2 to 15 numbers, letters, hyphens, spaces, slashes and dots for height.");document.formpw.height.focus();return false}

var ck_fitness = /^[A-Za-z0-9\s]{3,25}$/;
if (document.formpw.fitness.value.search(ck_fitness)==-1)
{alert("Please enter 3 to 25 letters, numbers and spaces for fitness level.");document.formpw.fitness.focus();return false;}

var ck_age = /^[0-9]{2,2}$/;
if (document.formpw.age.value.search(ck_age)==-1)
{alert("Please enter 2 digits for age.");document.formpw.age.focus();return false;}

var ck_greenscreen = /^[A-Za-z]{1,3}$/;
if (document.formpw.greenscreen.value.search(ck_greenscreen)==-1)
{alert("Please enter 1 to 3 letters for did greenscreen.");document.formpw.greenscreen.focus();return false;}

var ck_freedays = /^[A-Za-z\s\,]{1,25}$/;
if (document.formpw.freedays.value.search(ck_freedays)==-1)
{alert("Please only enter 1 to 25 letters and spaces for free days.");document.formpw.freedays.focus();return false}

var ck_second = /^[A-Za-z]{1,3}$/;
if (document.formpw.second.value.search(ck_second)==-1)
{alert("Please enter 1 to 3 letters for second day willingness.");document.formpw.second.focus();return false;}

var ck_race = /^[A-Za-z\s]{1,25}$/;
if (document.formpw.race.value.search(ck_race)==-1)
{alert("Please enter 1 to 25 letters and spaces for race.");document.formpw.race.focus();return false;}

var ck_mustache = /^[A-Za-z]{1,3}$/;
if (document.formpw.mustache.value.search(ck_mustache)==-1)
{alert("Please only enter 1 to 3 letters for have mustache.");document.formpw.mustache.focus();return false}}

var ck_lift = /^[0-9]{2,3}$/;
if (document.formpw.lift.value.search(ck_lift)==-1)
{alert("Please enter 2 or 3 digits for pounds you can lift.");document.formpw.lift.focus();return false}}

var ck_hero = /^[A-Za-z]{4,7}$/;
if (document.formpw.hero.value.search(ck_hero)==-1)
{alert("Please enter 4 to 7 letters for hero or villain.");document.formpw.hero.focus();return false}}

var ck_dress = /^[A-Za-z0-9\.\/\-\s]{1,15}$/;
if (document.formpw.dress.value.search(ck_dress)==-1)
{alert("Please only enter 1 to 15 numbers, letters, hyphens, spaces, slashes and dots for dress size.");document.formpw.dress.focus();return false}}

var ck_shoes = /^[A-Za-z0-9\.\/\-\s]{1,15}$/;
if (document.formpw.shoes.value.search(ck_shoes)==-1)
{alert("Please only enter 1 to 15 numbers, letters, hyphens, spaces, slashes and dots for shoe size.");document.formpw.shoes.focus();return false}}

var ck_makeup = /^[A-Za-z]{1,3}$/;
if (document.formpw.makeup.value.search(ck_makeup)==-1)
{alert("Please only enter 1 to 3 letters for have makeup skills.");document.formpw.makeup.focus();return false}}

return true;}


<center><div style='margin-top:170px'><h1><b>Actor Questionnaire</b></h1></div></center>

<DIV style="position:absolute; top:220px; left:200px; width:778px;">
<P>Thank you for your interest in our movie/ad/video/project.<BR><BR><hr>

<center>Questionnaire for Male and Female:</center></P>

<form name="formpw" method="post" action="actor-questionnaire.php" onsubmit="return validate()">
<TR> <TD align=middle colSpan=2><FONT color=red>*</FONT> Indicates Required fields.<BR><BR></TD></TR>
<TR><TD align=right><span style='color:red'>*Name</span>: </TD>
<TD><INPUT maxLength=50 name="name" size=50><BR></TD></TR>
<TR><TD align=right><span style='color:red'>*Email</span>: </TD>
<TD><INPUT maxLength=65 name="email" size=65><BR></TD></tr>
<TR><TD align=right><span style='color:red'>*Height</span>: </TD>
<TD><INPUT maxLength=15 name="height" size=15><BR></TD></tr>
<TR><TD align=right><span style='color:red'>*Fitness level</span>: </TD>
<TD><INPUT maxLength=25 name="fitness" size=25><BR></TD></tr>
<TR><TD align=right><span style='color:red'>*Age</span>: </TD>
<TD><INPUT maxLength=2 name="age" size=2><BR></TD></tr>
<TR><TD align=right><span style='color:red'>*Have you worked in front of a green screen? (y/n)</span>: </TD>
<TD><INPUT maxLength=3 name="greenscreen" size=3><BR></TD></tr>
<TR><TD align=right><span style='color:red'>*Best free days to do this</span>: </TD>
<TD><INPUT maxLength=25 name="freedays" size=25><BR></TD></tr>
<TR><TD align=right><span style='color:red'>*Willing to do 2nd afternoon if needed? (y/n)</span>: </TD>
<TD><INPUT maxLength=3 name="second" size=3><BR></TD></tr>
<TR><TD align=right><span style='color:red'>*Race:</span>: </TD>
<TD><INPUT maxLength=25 name="race" size=25><BR><BR></TD></tr><hr>
<TR> <TD align=middle colSpan=2><center>Male Questionnaire</center><BR></TD></TR>
<TR><TD align=right><span style='color:red'>*Do you happen to have a mustache? (y/n)</span>: </TD>
<TD><INPUT maxLength=3 name="mustache" size=3><BR></TD></tr>
<TR><TD align=right><span style='color:red'>*How many pounds can you lift comfortably?</span>: </TD>
<TD><INPUT maxLength=3 name="lift" size=3><BR></TD></tr>
<TR> <TD align=middle colSpan=2>Do you see yourself as being more the villain Black Bart or the hero Fearless Fred?<BR></TD></TR>
<TR><TD align=right><span style='color:red'>*(Hero/Villain)</span>: </TD>
<TD><INPUT maxLength=7 name="hero" size=7><BR><BR></TD></tr><hr>
<TR> <TD align=middle colSpan=2><center>Female Questionnaire</center><BR></TD></TR>
<TR><TD align=right><span style='color:red'>*What size dress do you wear?</span>: </TD>
<TD><INPUT maxLength=15 name="dress" size=15><BR></TD></tr>
<TR><TD align=right><span style='color:red'>*What size shoes do you wear?</span>: </TD>
<TD><INPUT maxLength=15 name="shoes" size=15><BR></TD></tr>
<TR><TD align=right><span style='color:red'>*Are you skilled with doing your makeup? (y/n)</span>: </TD>
<TD><INPUT maxLength=3 name="makeup" size=3><BR><BR></TD></tr><hr>
<TR><TD><BR><INPUT name="" type=submit value=" Submit Form ">&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;</TD>
<TD><INPUT name="" type=reset value=" Reset and Start Over "><BR></TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE></FORM>