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Get website menus, pushbuttons, light-up buttons, navigation bar buttons, navigation bars, header boxes, image-rotators, and more.

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With this popup, we furnish the logo and a bit of information on css-resources.com. The info is actual text. The link is clickable. The next popup is a bigger style but essentially it has the same features except that the popup and everything in it is a single image, 230 x 360 pixels in size. The Magic Carpet and the Cement Wall

The next popup Website Menu Heaven contains 2 add-to-cart buttons whereby you can actually purchase the product outlined in the popup in 2 different ways. Note the popup closing x in the upper right corner. The reason the last 2 popups discussed had no such popup closing x is that there was nothing to click on in either popup. The popups disappear once you are no longer hovering on the links. Why make people close a popup with a closing x when the popup is so easy to close with a simple little onmouseout event? The final popup Squirrel Valley Railroad contains 6 links to model railroad products or information. Note that since there are links to click, the popup has a closing x in the upper right corner.